The New Season Part 1

Greetings Brethren,

The lord has started us on a course of restoration and is allowing us to experience how to break through into new cycles with a great focus on attitudes and character trait transformation. In the process he has began to challenge us into new paradigms and new ways of living within his life. For most of us the initial push is demanding so much but we see that the fruit ahead is much better than the former state. Therefore we push seeking to forget the things that are behind and laying hold on his life that is before us. These [un –  kingdom – like] attitudes have been resident there for long times and have affected how we view this world, the church, leaders, situations and people. As we allow the searching light of his word and spirit to shine upon our souls, we come to recognize that all this time it has been about us and not so much others. Imagine the joy of knowing our father, the living God would have us to share in his nature and character. Continue reading

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