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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. pastor maroro benard says:

    Dear Beloved One in Christ!!
    I hope this letter is finding you still on your mark!!moving on to our Father God and doing the Father’s will.Amen.
    1Chronicle29:1-5[The Bible says that King David announce to the whole assembly ;”My son Solomon is the one whom God Chosen, but he still young and luck experiencing the work to be done is tremendous because this is not a place for People But a temple for the LORD God,I have Made Every effort to prepared for the materials for the temple-gold,silver,bronze,iron,timber precious stones and gems stones for mosaics,provided I have given silver gold from my property because of my love for God’s Temple I have given more than hundred.God want us to stand firm to destroyed the Kingdom of the Devil for the people of God to get word and to received Deliverance upon their lives amen it is our prayer the way God unit us together to work as one body of Christ we are your Brothers and Sisters in the Lord.I and the Entire Church are doing well in Jesus Name and we are happy to read from you and Even the Children of God they were happy to read from your email.We appreciate any kind of teaching you send to us’ and we have been going through your webpage to download teaching and to print so that the Children of God May know the will of God in their lives.your teachings has been Blessing your Spiritual heart and we believe that God who unite us Has a purpose with us”what we look is only Laptop like this time I email we hire the Laptop to write you.We thank God for you and your team over their our prayer are with you.kindly can you support us in the Ministry to sustain the orphanage and the widows? we would like to work with your ministry. we have and also fulfill the vision. can you give us your ministry cover so that we might work with you as a branch under the same ministry. [Psalms,126:5-6 what is the Bibles say in this says for these who saw in tears shall reap in Joy.thanks as am waiting to hear from you soon.
    Pastor Maroro Benard

  2. Rev.K.Moses Kumar says:

    praise the Lord greetings to you in Jesus name by the grace of GOdwe are doing the ministry in India Rural areas we are very glad to hear about you and happy that have your fellowship thank you kindly pray for us and come to India
    with Love
    Rev.K.Moses kumar

  3. pastor Nyakundi says:

    Dear brothers and sisters.
    Greetings in the wonddrful name of Jesus. First of all I thank God for the wonderful work you are doing to give Him glory. The world has become like dry bones as Ezekiel 37:4-5 says. But God will give the nation new life. Please pray for our ministry as we try to reach people of all categories and win many souls for Christ. Pray for our orphanage here in Kenya and request that God will touch you to sjpport our ministry either Spiritually or financially or both as the Lord may touch you.
    Pastor Nyakundi.

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