Family Gathering 2015 Newsletter

During our family gathering held in October, some very important things were shared with the family from the heart of the Lord.

Prayer, caring for the community and other areas were laid out before us. The Spirit of the Lord, through the Apostolic Father, John Boney placed great emphasis on the law and principle of correct alignment.

I invite you to click on the link below and take a journey into just a few of the areas over which we shared fellowship.



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Godly Influence

How could it be that Joseph, the eleventh son of his father and sold into slavery was raised up to have influence over all of Egypt?  How does it happen that David, a mere shepherd boy, and youngest son can become the greatest king of Israel?  How can a man by the name of Jesus walk up to Simon and Andrew and ask them to “come, follow me”, whereby they left their fishing nets and followed this stranger? Continue reading

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Follow us on Twitter

We have just added further video and audio teaching to the website.  You can now keep updated with all of our posts via Twitter.  Just click on the Twitter link above and begin following us! Continue reading

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Le Royaume on YouTube

Apostle John Boney ministers an Apostolic series in English translated to French titled “Le Royaume” – ministered in France 2010.

Click Here to Visit our Foreign Lanuage YouTube Channel

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Responding to the New Season Part 2

Greetings Brethren,

Many of you have heard me share concerning the new season that we have been ushered into by the lord, (go to the MP3 messages part our our website for MP3 sermons)

The number eight represents prophetically, a new season. The emphasis should not be just on the happening of a new thing but more so on the establishing of new patterns of living, which include the formation of new character traits and true demonstration of kingdom living.
This season marks an entrance into new cycles of victory, love, fruitfulness; victory over old cultural, religious and internal habits that have dominated our characters and way of living. Continue reading

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